Specialized in exporting containers of exotic and classic granite slabs as well as soapstone, marble, onyx and natural stone tiles  from the best quarries throughout Brazil. We carefully inspect the entire process - from sawing the granite blocks until the final phase where the granite slabs are polished - in order to assure a high standard of quality.

The facts speak for themselves: our granites come from Earth's richest and finest granite sources, the famous Brazilian natural stones. We offer a wide variety of colors, types and styles of granites. Our products are distributed across the globe, proving our commitment to delivering products according to the highest international quality standards.

Stone is extracted from the quarry with a broad range of large-scale machinery, including excavators, a backhoe, diamond wire saws, pneumatic drills and various compressors and generators. After stone is quarried, slab processing takes place at a local factory in Vitoria. The resulting raw slabs are then polished and waxed.