Terms and Conditions



According to information mentioned hereby (on this side or the reverse side) we have established this order Form as per our Sales conditions. All prices mentioned are VAT and packing exclusive. In case of quantities below 50 m2, a supplement will be charged as per our price list. The delivery time will be defined as accurately as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any delays caused by force majeure or overdue invoices. Consequently we do not have any responsibility for any damages. We can deliver slabs (if you are in the regions defined in our price list) with a minimum quantity of 10 pieces or less provided a supplement is paid. We will invoice packing of tiles per crate and or pallet as per the conditions in our price list. Overorded or wrongly ordered goods will not be taken back. Custom work will be packed to allow for safe transportation. These costs. At a minimum rate as per pour price list, cannot be recovered or credited. All delivery addresses need to be fully accessible by our 33 ton truck measuring 19m.  Discharging our truck is only done from a paved road. Any other delivery conditions or expectations will be, if at all feasible, charged at an extra cost. In case of orders of goods that are not currently stocked or that have a delivery time of over 4 weeks, we may ask you to pay a deposit of 50% of the total value.  The remainder needs to be paid upon delivery without discount. Orders for not currently stocked products cannot be changed or cancelled after one week of order confirmation. Please do not change the Pro Forma invoice, otherwise we may refuse these changes without prior notice. Confirmed orders will be binding without further notice after 5 working days. In case of cancellation we will invoice 30% of the total value in case of stock goods and 100% of the total value in case of custom work and not currently stocked products with a minimum of 370 €.


  • 1. Orders are considered to be definitive after written confirmation by our company. It is explicitly agreed upon that all pre-printed terms and conditions on the order forms of our customers, even if they expressly refer to the present order form, shall be considered non accepted unless they are subject to a special agreement made in written on beforehand.
  • 2. The goods are transported at the risk of het purchaser, even in case of Franco delivery.
  • 3. Control of the goods is made by the purchase before loading in the case of collection of the goods (ex Works) and shall be done at the latest at the moment of delivery (unloading). Complaints shall not be accepted afterwards.
  • 4. All other complaints, ... referring to invoices, shall be made within eight days of the invoicing date and can not be accepted after this term.
  • 5. Each sale is made under reserve of good references. We shall always be entitled, during the course of the agreement, to claim and obtain satisfactory guarantees for the good execution of the Sales agreement.
  • 6. Measurements and colours are indicative and a difference shall be tolerated against samples or between deliveries as long as these differences are within the fixed WTCB norms. We advice to mix the tiles before installation, so as to obtain the best possible colour harmony. Complaints as to colour differences or other defects shall never be admitted never be admitted after installation of the tiles.
  • 7. All our invoices are cash payable, in Oostkamp, unless otherwise agreed upon (in written). Sending the invoice is valid as a reminder against payment on the due date. Any delay in payment may consequent in immediate and irreversible judicial collection of the due sum, increased by 1% interest per started month.
  • 8. Our agents and representatives are not be entitled to take payments and the amounts paid to those persons shall not be considered as due payment to the seller.
  • 9. All costs for collection, including judicial an extra-judicial notices, shall be paid by the purchaser according to the latest EU legislation.
  • 10. Default of payment on the maturity date shall entitle us, without any notice or other juridical forms, to suspend all orders and agreements in course, even to cancel them without any previous notice. The seller shall be entitled to take property of the goods, even after delivery, until full payment of the invoice. After processing of the goods, our property rights pass on to the new objects for the value of the goods supplied by us.
  • 11. Any defect ascertained in our product scan result in nothing more than the mere replacement of the delivered and not processed goods. The replaced goods remain our property.
  • 12. All goods subject to be taken back need to be in good condition and will only be credited at 75% of their invoiced value provided the explicit approval of our management staff. Goods that are not standard in stock, all granites and all processed stones are never taken back. We will also refuse any quantities amounting to a Total of less than 250 €. Only goods that are totally free from mortar or glue residue, that have not been cut, will be credited after warehouse inspection. This may cause a discrepancy in the Total number of goods taken back and the final credit note, these goods that are not included to the Total amount of the credit note, will remain in our warehouse for another 4 weeks for the customer to be collected. After this period these goods will be destroyed. Taking goods back will be conditional in all cases. Our drivers and warehouse staff are not entitled to Judge if goods are subject to be taken back. In case of refusal to take back the goods, these will remain at your availability for a period of 4 weeks after written notice. After this term the goods will be destroyed.
  • 13. In default of payment at the maturity date due to negligence or bad will, the outstanding balance shall be increased as of right with 15 % and a minimum of €100 as a conventional damage clause and without any previous notice being required.
  • 14. The purchaser is considered to know our general terms of sale and by the mere fact of purchasing het is considered to have accepted them as part of the agreement.
  • 15. All disputes related to the existence and the exercise of our agreements shall be exclusively settled by the Courts of Brugge, Belgium.
  • 16. We can not held responsible for the consequence of our tiles if they are installed on floor-heating and spaces open to frost.
  • 17. For between customer (buyer) and STONE CONSULTING NV (seller) is explicitly need that the liability on the delivered goods by STONE CONSTULTING NV is limited to all proven defects to its products, more precisely on the hidden flaws, to a maximum period of 24 months after delivery date. After a period of 24 months from installation date, no claim of any kind will be accepted nor be subject for discussion. After this period any connection between buyer and seller will be considered to be completely terminated and finalised for this particular Sales. In case of proven damage, within a period of 24 months form delivery date, due to a hidden fault, a maximum compensation from the seller to the buyer will be the replacement of the product or an equal value. No other additional cost and/or costs due to consequential damages will be subject to compensation.
  • 18. Pieces made by us (tailor made) shall be invoiced per square, cubic of linear metre. All finishing's to the surface and sides are not included and will be invoiced separately.
  • 19. For complementary terms and conditions please refer to our basic price list on the pages where to the invoices and other forms always considered to be known by the purchaser. The basic price list having been handed over to the purchaser.
  • 20. Belgium law is applicable.