Stone Heritage is located in Morocco, this company having been created by a team having a passion for natural stones, and a long experience with ancient stones (indoor and outdoor stone floors).

We have selected a range of limestone with a strong personality, very similar to the beautiful stones from Bourgogne and from Charente.

We specialize in the reproduction of traditional stone floors.

Our expert team can help you with all your projects, having a range of contacts through out Europe.

Our limestones are probably unique and are guaranted to create much interest from the examples on display in our showroom.

Our natural stone remains a timeless material in both traditional and modern forms.

A noble material ..... the stone

Our stones are limestones from the Jurassic time. They are fine-grained limestones (Atlas). Some travertin, marbles,black or veined white but also red (Agadir).
We find the travertin, light or brown called Volubilis after the ancient city in 300 BC, where you can see marvellous mosaics with a lot of tesselles (people who have a passion for old stones must come and discover them)
The subtle blends of colours of the range Atlas remind us of the nice colours of the stones of the French land. From light beige to warm ochre and soft grey or bluish. All these stones will charm you in your showroom or special residences.
The range of our stones has European certifications: frost tests, density, absorption and so on...