Turkey is a land of marble ....

In terms of natural stones and especially marble, Turkey is one of the richest resources since it is located in the Alp's mountain range. Turkey has immense reserves of marble, travertine, onyx, conglomerate, breccia and magmatic rocks. Turkey's total probable marble reserves are about 5.2 billion m3 -13.9 million tons. According to some estimates, Turkey has 40 percent of the world's total marble reserves. Turkey is among the world's most important natural stone manufacturers with its huge reserves and welldeveloped processing industry.

More than 1000 marble quarries, 1500 factories and about 7500 workshops operate in the sector. 90 % of quarries are located in the west of Anatolia, mainly in the Aegean and Marmara Regions .

Production of natural stones in Turkey faced a rapid growth during the recent years. Large scale private companies invested in integrated processing plants, which resulted in developments in the local market.

With the introduction of modern production equipment and methods Turkey has taken its place among the world's seven large natural stone manufacturers.

Turkish marble manufacturers are aware of the importance of quality. They use the world's most advanced, fully electronic and completely automatic machines. Most companies have a large machinery park and in the marble quarry the latest technology and hightech machines are being used. The processing plants are capable of producing tiles, cutting to size order in all commercially required sizes and quality standards.