Chemtou is the site of the Numidian, later Roman city of Simitthu, or Simithas. Simitthu was famous for its marble, which has a lively play of orange, red, yellow and pink colours.

Also production of hand-crafted Mosaic in Natural Stone in the form of tiles, borders, tableaux, tables and marbles floors, using the wealth of Tunisian natural stone and marbles, often from the same quarries used by the Roman mosaic artisans nearly 2 millennia ago.

All stones used are natural stone with their natural stone color. all stones used are quarried in tunisia, often using the same quarries as the romans used. the type of stone used are marbles, lime-stones and very hard sandstones. the most important criteria are firstly the suitability of the stone for hand-crafting, and its durability both in interior and exterior environments, particularly in high-use applications over very long periods.