TRUSTONE Initiative

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Stone Consulting is committed to International Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable supply chain management. 

If we find that a supplier is involved in or contributes to child labor or environmental pollution, for example, there are usually opportunities to do something about this ourselves. Often these are complex problems further up the chain in emerging markets and developing countries, to which companies may be affiliated through business relationships. In these situations, local governments often fail to protect rights and (individual) companies can usually only offer part of the solution to a problem. 

Working together with other companies and other parties is more likely to provide a solution. 

This is where the TruStone Initiative offers added value and Stone Consulting is an active and constructive member.

    What is Trustone  (Youtube movie)

    Trustone (website)


1. IMVO Policy (Due Diligence)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Respect. Years of commitment to honest natural stone, with optimal respect for local communities as an investment. 

    IMVO Policy (Due Diligence) pdf

    Due Diligence Marokko pdf (Dutch) 

2. Action plan

Our clear executable guidelines, step by step

    Plan van aanpak pdf (Dutch)


3. Code of conduct 

We expect our business partners to follow the national laws in the countries in which they operate in all their activities. If a requirement in this Code conflicts with national law in any country or territory, the law must always be followed. The requirements in this Code may go beyond those set forth in national laws. 

    Code of conduct pdf


4. Sustainable entrepreneurship

Since 2019, Stone Consulting-Stone Senses has been climate-conscious in Morocco, producing tiles, zelliges, and custom work with a strong focus on sustainability. The 22-year collaboration with the same partners is dedicated to ecological progress and adherence to European standards. Significant investments in personnel and sustainable initiatives have resulted in an environmentally friendly production process. The company invested in renewable energy to reduce the ecological footprint. Stone Consulting promotes climate awareness by regularly consulting with employees on sustainable work methods and contributes to an ethical work environment with a focus on environmental and social responsibility.  

    Solar panels Plant and quarry Morocco  (youtube movie)